If you are like most homeowners in Downers Grove, you may change your furnace filter when you first use your heating system in the winter, or perhaps this task is overlooked year after year. Changing filters may seem like a complete inconvenience, but fresh filters provide many unexpected benefits.

Furnace filters are designed to trap dirt and dust in the heated air before it is delivered into your home. Over time, the airborne pollutants clog the filter, and your HVAC system must work harder to maintain comfortable indoor air temperatures. This leads to higher utility bills, more costly repairs and a shorter lifetime of the equipment. Indoor air quality also suffers from dirty furnace filters.

Once the filter is completely clogged, more particles pass through and end up circulating in the rooms of your home. Not only do you need to dust and clean more often, but you may also experience physical symptoms, such as congestion, sneezing and watery eyes. To keep your home comfortable and heating system running efficiently, here are five times when you should change your furnace filters.

1. Manufacturer Recommendations

When you buy filters for your furnace, check the instructions to see how often it should be replaced. In general, thicker filters should be replaced less often compared to thinner filters. If you use filters that are between 1-2 inches thick, replace them every three months. Four-inch filters can be replaced every six months, and five-inch filters last about one year.

If you aren’t sure if a certain style of filter will work with your furnace, the experts at Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. can help. We also offer routine furnace maintenance services for homes in Downers Grove and the surrounding areas.

2. Dirty Filters

Check your furnace filters every 30 days. If it looks like the filter is almost full of dust and dirt, replace it with a new filter. While this may seem like an unnecessary investment, the practice can save you money in the long run. Clean filters help your furnace run efficiently, and this saves money on utility costs and repairs.

3. Longer or More Frequent Operation

Are your utility bills slowly creeping up this winter? Have you noticed that your furnace runs longer or more frequently? These are good signs that it’s time to check your furnace filter.

If the filter is dirty, replace it. If the problems continue, contact Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. to have a technician come by and check the system for any problems. We can perform a thorough evaluation of your HVAC equipment and recommend repairs to keep it working properly.

4. Dust Accumulation

Are you cleaning your home more often this winter? Have you noticed that you feel congested or have other allergy-like symptoms? Chances are that your furnace filters need to be changed because they are most likely clogged by dust and dirt.

If you would like to know about other ways to improve air quality to protect your family against airborne mold, bacteria, pet dander, odors and viruses, contact Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc.. We can provide information on our indoor air quality solutions.

5. Odors From the Heating System

It is perfectly normal to have a musty odor from your heating system when you turn it on for the first time in the winter, but the odor should only last for a few minutes. Persistent odors from your furnace are a sign of problems. To find the problem, start with the filter.

First, check to see if it is dirty. If it appears in good shape, make sure that it is installed properly. If all looks good, you may need to upgrade to a filter that traps the smaller particles that can come from cooking, smoke and outdoor sources.

We also recommend that you contact Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. to schedule an inspection by one of our expert technicians to make sure that your HVAC system is operating properly. Odors can indicate electrical issues, worn-out parts and other problems that need immediate attention.

Expert Furnace Services in Downers Grove, IL

Whether you need help finding the best filters, maintaining your heating system or getting it in tip-top shape, Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. is here for you. We offer heating system installations, repairs and maintenance services to keep your family warm and comfortable this winter. Our experts can also help with all of your cooling and indoor air quality needs. We even offer 24/7 emergency repair services. Call us today to learn more about our company, services and expert technicians.

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