The long grey days of winter may seem welcoming at first, especially the first few snowfalls. Winter starts with a whirlwind of holiday activities and festive décor. But once the holidays are over, and the snow has turned into weeks and weeks of cold, grey, snowy days, it can start to wear on you. The good news is, you can banish those winter blues even on the most blustery of days! If anyone knows how to banish the winter blues and the cold that comes along with it, it’s us, the Naperville HVAC experts. We can help you stay warm and happy this winter, here are some tips:

  1. Soak in as much light as possible: Open your curtains, even on cloudy days, to get some natural light in. Add accent lighting to rooms if necessary to create a bright, welcoming space. On sunny days or even just during sunny hours, get outside and soak it in. You can buy specialty light bulbs that mimic sunshine to give the indoors a bigger boost.
  2. Keep your diet in check. Eating high-fat, sugary foods will just make you feel more sluggish. In addition, you’ll be getting less Vitamin D from the sun, so you’ll want to make sure your diet is rich in this important nutrient. Low levels of Vitamin D are linked to depression and low immune function. Eggs, nuts, fruits, veggies, and of course, lots of water, will help keep you feeling healthy and energized.
  3. Make your home happier! Just because it is grey outside doesn’t mean your house has to feel drab too. Give it a boost with brightly colored accessories, or if you are feeling really bold, paint an accent wall in a fun shade. Uplifting scents like floral or citrus can help boost the feeling in your home too.
  4. Don’t forget to be social! It’s cold outside and that can make us more inclined to stay in, but that can isolate you further. Go out with friends or invite them over for a cozy movie night.
  5. Get moving! Much like eating healthy, moving and exercising will help keep your mood boosted. If you can’t get outside or even to the gym, turn on some fun music and have a dance party.
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