As the trusted provider of heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair and replacement in Downers Grove, IL, Fire ‘n’ Ice strives to deliver the best possible level of customer care. We’re proud to announce that we will receive the 2022 Carrier President’s Award. This is the second year that we have won this award for exceeding industry standards in technician qualifications, customer service and satisfaction ratings.

What Is the Carrier President’s Award?

The Carrier Corporation established the Carrier President’s Award to honor Carrier factory-authorized dealers who demonstrate excellence in customer satisfaction, operations and business management. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning expertise is also part of the evaluation process for this award. All Carrier factory-authorized dealers undergo extensive training in order to gain the knowledge and skills to work on equipment manufactured by the Carrier Corporation.

Which Companies Earn the Carrier President’s Award?

Each year, only a few Carrier factory-authorized dealers win the Carrier President’s Award. Dealers are evaluated based on their scores in customer satisfaction, business operations and business management and their expertise in heating, ventilation and air conditioning services. These qualifications and standards are available on the Carrier Corporation’s website. The dealerships with the highest scores across all categories are eligible to win this award. Each year, between 10 and 20 heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies are recognized with the Carrier President’s Award.

How We Earned the 2022 Carrier President’s Award

To earn the Carrier President’s Award, we first became Carrier factory-authorized dealers. This program reflects the high standards and mission established by the company’s founder, Willis Carrier, more than 100 years ago. Mr. Carrier invented the modern air conditioning system in order to solve industrial problems in printing companies. Factory-authorized dealers demonstrate a commitment to training, education and certification of technicians. They also emphasize high quality and customer satisfaction ratings. Each factory-authorized dealer regularly evaluates its progress and performance and works to improve all business practices.

The Carrier Corporation selected us as factory-authorized dealers because we showcase excellence in integrity, service and quality. We honor the standards established by the Carrier Corporation and show the highest level of integrity. This inspires a high level of customer trust.

In order to maintain Carrier factory-authorized dealer membership, we consistently perform to the high standards set by the Carrier Corporation. Fewer than 3% of dealers who carry Carrier products achieve this distinction and maintain it. In order to receive this endorsement, we:

  • Offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Employ NATE-certified technicians
  • Undergo extensive factory training delivered by the Carrier Corporation
  • Maintain certification, licensure and insurance requirements
  • Provide honest and reliable assessments and solutions to our customers
  • Demonstrate knowledge about the newest heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment
  • Request and use customer feedback about our services
  • Meet or exceed customer expectations

Our Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Fire ‘n’ Ice. We ask customers to complete a survey after each repair, maintenance or installation service. We pass those ratings along to the Carrier Corporation because they are invested in customer satisfaction. The answers to these surveys inform us and the Carrier Corporation of how satisfied customers are with our services. We also ask our customers if they would recommend us to others in need of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for their homes or businesses.

Operations Excellence Evaluation

Operations excellence refers to how efficiently we provide services to our customers, the time it takes us to finish a work order, how quickly we begin each work order and how well we communicate with suppliers, employees and customers. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs, which ensures a speedy response time. Same-day repairs also boost our operations excellence ratings. Customers don’t have to wait long for a heating, ventilation or air conditioner repair. If we’re out of stock on a needed part, our open lines of communications with suppliers allow us to receive the part within one to two business days.


Our managers provide technicians with everything they need to do well in their jobs. Our technicians benefit from professional development and ongoing training. We also ensure that our technicians have a favorable work-life balance, and this is important to us because happy people shine in all areas of their lives, including professionally.

Expertise in HVAC Services

We make it easy for our technicians to keep up with new HVAC technology. We provide them with time on the job to receive training and education about new equipment, features and products. We also stay on top of HVAC industry trends and product development.

We’re proud to be Downers Grove’s trusted heating, ventilation and air conditioning installation, maintenance and service company. To learn more about us and the Carrier President’s Award or to set up an appointment for service, give us a call today.

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