Frozen air conditioners are not dangerous but can present other problems with your cooling system. While most homeowners view a frozen AC as an inconvenience, it represents a significant problem that requires immediate attention. If ice forms on the coils, the air conditioner cannot absorb heat from your home and cool the air. If you notice ice on your AC coils, it is time to shut it off and call Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. for an air conditioning service.

What Causes Air Conditioners to Freeze?

There are five primary causes of frozen air conditioners. The most common cause of freezing is airflow issues. Your AC unit may freeze because of one or more of the following:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Blocked vents
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Dirty evaporator coils
  • Blower fan malfunction

If your registers feel warm to the touch or there is a lack of airflow, this could indicate frozen coils. If you see water pooling around your unit, you need professional repair. Low refrigerant levels will cause freezing. Despite what many people believe, your system does not use up refrigerant, and it does not evaporate. A low level indicates a leak, even if you do not see pooling liquid.

You must go outside and check the coils to see if they are frozen. If your unit is severely frozen, it may make a buzzing sound.

What to Do When Your AC Freezes

If your registers feel warm to the touch or there is a lack of airflow, this could indicate frozen coils. Water pooling around your unit is another indicator that your system needs repair service. It is critical that you catch the freezing early and start the defrost process to prevent damage to your AC unit. Call for a repair appointment after performing these steps.

Turn Off the AC Unit

One of the first things you must do is to turn off the air conditioner. Operating the air conditioner in a frozen state can cause damage, including stressing the compressor, one of the most expensive components of your AC system. Shutting the system off will shut down the AC unit and start the defrosting process.

Turn the Fan On

If you have the option, turn your cooling system to fan only. This stops the compressor from circulating refrigerant yet still circulates the air through your home and AC system. This will blow warm air over the coils so they can defrost quickly.

Avoid DIY Repairs

No matter the problem, you should never take a DIY approach to repairs. Although there are steps you can take to prevent freezing, trying to repair your system alone can lead to unsafe operation. Lack of knowledge, tools, and equipment necessary to perform repairs safely and effectively can cause extensive damage to the system. Call Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc., and our technicians will come out quickly to find the cause of your frozen air conditioner.

How to Prevent AC Freezing

One of the most essential things you can do to prevent a frozen AC is to change your air filter regularly. Most units require a new filter every 60 to 90 days. You may need to change them more frequently if you have pets or if other factors lead to a dusty environment. Check your filter often to ensure it has not become clogged with dirt and debris.

Regular AC maintenance is also crucial for keeping freezing at bay. Our technicians inspect every part of your system. We tighten the connections, test the system pressure, and ensure your refrigerant levels are normal. We will discover minor problems before they cause significant problems. Routine maintenance keeps your system operating efficiently, making it less likely to break down.

Why Should You Hire HVAC Professionals?

Why should you call an HVAC professional to come out and check your frozen AC unit? In addition to giving you peace of mind, hiring an HVAC technician offers the following.

  • Improved safety
  • Saved time
  • Certification
  • Keep your warranty

DIY repairs could void your warranty. Opening your AC unit without the proper knowledge could lead to damage and dangers like an electric shock. In addition to the benefits above, HVAC technicians will tell you if repairs are possible or if it is time to replace your old air conditioner.

Professional AC Repair

Operating since 1977, we continue to stand on the same principles. We have worked hard to build our reputation by offering superior residential and commercial HVAC services. Call Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. to schedule an appointment for the repair, installation, or maintenance of your HVAC system. Each of our technicians has at least 15 years of experience, so you can rest assured your system is in good hands.

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