If you pay close attention to your utility bills, you’ve likely noticed a significant drop in your utility costs when spring and fall come to Downers Grove. While a few factors may be at play, the most significant factor is that during these seasons you don’t need to run your HVAC system as often since the temperature outside is already enjoyable.

This shows, then, that your HVAC system is one of the largest energy consumers in your home. If you can find a more energy-efficient system, therefore, you could end up saving a lot of money. Here are a few things to know about the most energy-efficient HVAC system for a given application.

Newer Systems Are Always More Efficient

Before you learn anything else, it’s important to know that any new system you purchase from Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. is likely to be more efficient than any system you currently have that’s more than a few years old. Thanks to improvements in technology and manufacturing techniques, newer furnaces and air conditioners are able to operate more efficiently and safely, which makes it economical to purchase a new furnace in Downers Grove, IL if your old one is facing significant repairs.

Multiple Sources Are Usually Best

When it comes to an energy-efficient HVAC system, the key is diversification. Utilizing multiple sources to heat and cool your home allows each system to carry less of the load, allowing the system as a whole to be more energy efficient.

Though it requires a significant up-front investment, geothermal typically provides the best results when it comes to energy efficiency, as it’s using the ground near your building to control the temperature. Another great option, especially if you have a large home, is a split system. These systems utilize two or more zones to limit wasted heating and cooling capacity, thus increasing your energy efficiency.

Properly Maintained

Another important note about energy efficiency is that the most energy-efficient system of any type is a well-maintained system. You can have the most high-end system with the best energy efficiency ratings, but if it’s not properly maintained, that energy efficiency will quickly be lost.

That’s why at Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Downers Grove, we take great pride in repairing and maintaining residential and commercial heating and cooling systems of all types. Plus, as a factory-authorized dealer for Carrier products, we can help you choose a new system when the time comes. We are proud of our commitment to our customers and our family-owned heritage that keeps the focus on service and integrity instead of profits and cutting corners. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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