If you have home airflow issues, there will be distinct warm and cool spots in different rooms. You may find that doors close suddenly or harder than usual when airflow issues create pressure variances throughout your home. Keep reading to learn what may be causing these airflow problems.

1. Cracked or Dirty Ductwork

Older homes are more likely to have blocked or cracked ductwork. Rodents or birds can even find their way into ducts and make nests that block the flow of air. It is best to have your ductwork professionally inspected and cleaned if necessary.

2. Warm Air Blocked

The coils in your AC unit help remove hot air from the system. If they get blocked by something in your yard, then they will not cycle the warm air out quickly enough. This can make the entire AC unit overheat.

3. Failing to Change Air Filters

Air filters in your home can easily be clogged with dust and dirt within a relatively short amount of time. This is why they are supposed to be changed so frequently. Failure to do so means that the airflow in your home will be drastically restricted.

4. Missing Refrigerant Liquid

The refrigerant liquid can leak out of your air conditioning unit for a variety of reasons. Losing it means that your system will not work as efficiently or be able to cool the air.

5. Blocked Condensing Unit

The condensing unit is positioned outside of the AC system, which means that it is easily blocked by leaves and sticks that accumulate in your backyard. Try to clear debris away from it as often as possible to keep it clean.

Finding Convenient and Dependable AC Repair Services

At Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. in Downers Grove, IL, we can inspect your home for airflow problems. If necessary, we’ll provide the proper AC repairs. We also offer heating and cooling services as well as indoor air quality products.

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