Here at Fire ‘n’ Ice Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves in offering premier air conditioning and furnace service in Oak Brook IL. Part of our commitment to quality is a commitment to affordability and savings. With your heating and air conditioning system accounting for nearly 50% of your energy consumption, small changes can have a big impact on your bills every month.

One small change you can make is to upgrade your home to a Wi-Fi thermostat. A Wi-Fi thermostat is exactly what it sounds like, a thermostat that is connected to the wireless internet in your home. This connection has several benefits that save money and energy.

  • A Wi-Fi thermostat can be controlled remotely from any device that connects to the Internet. What this means is you can turn your thermostat up or down from anywhere you have the wireless service. Rather than either paying more for heat no one is using, or running home on your lunch break, you can control your thermostat wirelessly and turn the heat down from your smart phone or computer. This is also very useful if you go on vacation and realize at the airport or in the car that you forgot to set your thermostat to an appropriate temperature.
  • You can download an app to control your thermostat right to your phone. There are apps for both Apple and Android devices.
  • You can program your thermostat from your phone or computer. You can set the thermostat to go up or down during the day when no one is home and you can program it for a different temperature while you are sleeping. This saves you money because you can have your heater or air conditioner turn on an hour before you get home rather than running all day.
  • The thermostat will alert you when a furnace or AC filter needs to be changed. Changing the filters regularly improves efficiency and saves money.
  • If you own more than one unit or property you can use the app to control all of your thermostats in one easy to access place, rather than having to run all of town. This is especially helpful for landlords who may own more than one commercial property that does not need to be heated or cooled after business hours.

By taking advantage of all the benefits a Wi-Fi thermostat has to offer, you will save money and help maximize the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Call us today to have a professional discuss the best Wi-Fi thermostat for your home or business.

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