You’ve no doubt spent long, lazy summer days sitting under the cooling breeze made by a ceiling fan overhead, but did you know that a ceiling fan can also help heat your home during the wintertime? If you’re searching for ways to lower your energy bills and increase the efficiency with which your furnace heats your home, here are some ceiling fan suggestions to help out:

  1. Switch the way your ceiling fan runs and use it to push the warm air from the ceiling down to the room where you hang out. You’ve heard the old saying about warm air rising, and that is true! By pushing the warm air down into the room and turning down your thermostat, you will save energy.
  2. Do not run your ceiling fans on a high setting during the cool months. A low setting is all you need to keep warm air circulating and lower settings use less energy. Additionally, don’t forget to turn the fans off as you leave a room, as it does not create new hot air so there is no reason to keep it on when you’re not in it.
  3. Have a fan installed at the top of any stairways to keep the air that rises to a second or third level distributed throughout the home.

These are a few practical ways you can use your ceiling fans to lower your winter energy bills and heat your home more evenly. Contact the experts at Fire ’n’ Ice Heating & Cooling for more helpful tips on how you can save energy or to schedule Naperville furnace repair.

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