Furnace installation and repairs
November 15

Common Furnace Energy Efficiency Myths for You to Avoid

When it comes to home maintenance, many of us rely heavily on advice from friends, neighbors, and even family members. Unfortunately, not everyone is an… View Article Read More

Cabin House in Snow in Downers Grove, IL
December 19

4 Tips to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Your heating system is obviously hugely important during the winter as it helps to keep your home warm and comfortable. It also works to ensure… View Article Read More

November 20

Annual Furnace Maintenance: Why You Shouldn’t Skip It

6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Annual Furnace Maintenance Fall is a busy time with all of the preparations for winter, the excitement of a variety… View Article Read More

Furnace Repair in Downers Grove, IL
October 20

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Making So Much Noise

Your furnace will always make more noise than your air conditioner. The reason for this is fairly obvious since the furnace is inside, and the… View Article Read More

Heater Repair Questions in Downers Grove, IL
January 12

6 Questions to Ask After a Heating Repair

The cold winters in Downers Grove, IL, require a properly functioning heating system to keep your home safe and comfortable. If your heater malfunctions, you’ll… View Article Read More

Furnace Rust in Downers Grove, IL
December 20

6 Causes of Rust in a Furnace

If you are dealing with any rust or corrosion on your furnace, it can affect the efficiency of your unit. If you remove rust, you… View Article Read More

Heating Options in Downers Grove, IL
November 17

The Best Options for Heating Your Basement

Have you recently finished your downstairs basement? If so, you’ve likely thought about how you’ll heat it during winter. Heating a basement could cost a… View Article Read More

Reasons Your Heater Won’t Turn Off
October 13

Reasons Your Heater Won’t Turn Off

In winter, you probably enjoy a toasty house and firing up your furnace. When spring comes around though, what do you do if your heat… View Article Read More

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Furnace
September 13

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Furnace

The winter will be here before you know it. That means it’s time to start thinking about if your furnace is up for the challenge…. View Article Read More

Should I Turn Off My Gas Furnace in the Summer?
April 15

Should I Turn Off My Gas Furnace in the Summer?

Updated: 5/13/2024 During the long, humid summers in Downers Grove, it’s unlikely that your gas furnace comes to mind very often. While you’re busy enjoying… View Article Read More