Have you recently finished your downstairs basement? If so, you’ve likely thought about how you’ll heat it during winter. Heating a basement could cost a lot or a little, depending on how it’s done. The best options provide you with plenty of warmth without hurting the wallet. Here are a few ways to heat your basement affordably.

Mini-Split Heaters

Often, finished basements won’t have all the necessary ductwork to use your furnace. If that’s the case, you could have someone install a mini-split system for you. These don’t need any ductwork at all. One part of the system sits on the interior wall, while the other is outside. Between them, there’s a short section of conduit connecting the two parts together. However, if your basement is completely underground, this won’t be an option. Using a mini-split tends to cost less than adding new ductwork. Plus, for most basements, they’ll provide more than enough heat. Larger basements might need something more substantial.

Baseboard Heating

Baseboard heaters run along the baseboard of your wall and plug into a 240V outlet, though. So, it’s best to consult with an expert if you decide to go this route. However, they’re typically pretty affordable to operate.

Floorboard Heating

Floorboard heating requires heaters to be installed underneath the basement’s flooring. Their largest benefit would be heating the entire room. Plus, when you’ve got floorboard heating, walking around barefoot feels rather comfortable. If you’ve already installed flooring, you might want to use another method. But, if you haven’t put down any floors yet, these are a great option. They’ll keep the whole basement warm, regardless of its size.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have become a lot more popular in recent years. These don’t burn any fuel to produce heat. Instead, they simply transfer heat between the interior and exterior of your home. A professional can install one of these in under a day most of the time. People like them because of how efficient they are. Compared to traditional furnaces, they’re about 300% more efficient usually. However, you might have to pay a bit more for the equipment up front. If you’re concerned about your monthly utility bills, they’re a great option, though.

Ductwork Extensions

Anyone who has a well-maintained furnace should think about extending their ductwork. Extending your ductwork lets you heat the basement with your existing heater. That way, you won’t have to invest in any new equipment. Plus, when you replace your furnace, it’ll heat the whole home, too. Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. would love to help you extend your existing ductwork into the basement. Depending on the size of your home, ductwork extensions might not cost as much as you’d think. Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. could give you a free quote for your ductwork extensions.

Indoor Fireplaces

Sometimes, adding a fireplace to the basement is about more than just heating. An indoor fireplace also contributes to the basement’s ambiance. Using one of these tends to make your basement feel rather comfortable. But, you’ve got to make sure the basement is well-ventilated. Otherwise, you might not be able to use them safely.

Propane Space Heaters

For smaller basements, a simple space heater could do the trick. Propane space heaters are great at warming up the room fast. Again, you’d have to make sure the basement is well ventilated. Otherwise, burning propane down there wouldn’t be a good idea. Replacing the propane tanks could run you a little bit. We’d recommend using a propane space heater if you’re only in the basement every once in a while. Otherwise, a different heating method might be more affordable in the long run.

Electric Space Heaters

If there’s not much ventilation, you could always use an electric model. These space heaters take a little longer to reach operating temperatures. But, once they’re heated up, they can warm up a decently sized space. Plus, most of the time, these don’t cost a lot to run. Investing in an electric space heater would be best for someone who doesn’t want to spend a ton. Not only is the equipment affordable, but keeping them on doesn’t cost much, either.

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