Downers Grove, IL, is heating up this summer, and that means that you should make sure you’re getting optimal use out of as much of your energy as possible. Avoiding wasted energy is instrumental in prolonging the life span of your AC system. It’s also an essential part of not wasting money.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell that the energy you spend goes to good use. There also is a way to know that your air conditioner is currently spending energy correctly, that you can perform in your home today.

Signs Your AC Is Efficient

Below are a few things to look for that will tell you that your system is performing well. Most losses in efficiency cause changes that are noticeable. If your air conditioner isn’t meeting these standards, call a technician for maintenance, tune-up, or perhaps replacement.

Good Air Quality

Your AC circulates air throughout your home all day. Any particles trapped in the airways would not only cause poor efficiency, but you’re also likely to notice it in the quality of the air. If you’re breathing easy in your home with no signs of poor air quality, then you know, at the least, that there is no problem stemming from particles trapped in the airways.

If your air quality is poor and perhaps even humid, that is an issue. Your system should be able to keep the environment from becoming humid. When your air conditioner has to battle conditions like humidity, your AC can become overworked. When your AC has to work harder than it should, some of the energy used could go to waste.

Utility Bills Stay Consistent

If you’ve been keeping track of your bills for several months, you will notice if there were any drastic changes in the amount you pay. Again, consistency is vital in knowing if your energy is efficient. If your home’s temperature is to your liking and your bills stay in the same price range, then you probably don’t have an issue in the efficiency department.

In the cases where your system is overworking itself, however, your bills will rise. This will either happen gradually or in a noticeable leap. If that happens, then it will continue to occur if not rectified.

No Odd Temperature Changes

You want your air conditioner to maintain an even temperature to the best of its ability throughout the day. If you experience no changes, whether high or lower, in temperature, then that is a good sign.

It’s when your house becomes unusually warm or cold that energy is wasted. The temperature changes you experience can either come regularly or inconsistently. However, when it happens, your system is struggling to regulate the temperature, using more energy than necessary.

AC Running Consistently

A very good sign that your efficiency is doing excellent is that your air conditioner performs its job without fail. For example, if your system turns on right after you set your thermostat and turns off right after your temperature is reached, then it’s most likely running efficiently.

Your System Isn’t Outdated

Modern air conditioners are the most efficient. So, if you’re AC is under ten years of age, and you haven’t had any issues concerning efficiency, then it’s doing just fine.

A standard benchmark for when air conditioning systems tend to begin at the end of their lifespan is at the ten-year mark. At this point, you usually see an increase in needed repairs. You are also more likely to experience a loss in efficiency or have accumulated one over time. Tune-ups and maintenance will be helpful through this time as you search for a replacement for your system.

Checking Your Efficiency

To detect if your AC is putting all of its energy to good use, you will need a thermometer.

  • Turn on your AC for 15 minutes on a hot day.
  • Place your thermometer on the supply register.
  • After five minutes, record the temperature.
  • Repeat for the return vent.

The outgoing air should be cooler by at least 15 degrees compared to the incoming air. Any warmer, and you should have a technician check your system for efficiency issues.

High Quality Service

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