Pollen season for Downers Grove, IL, residents can be a frustrating time. This is especially true for locals who suffer from allergies. Although pollen is a prominent allergen, there are other factors to look out for as well. Humidity, for example, also comes along with the warmer temperatures here. This can result in mold growth and the emergence of dust mites.

Keeping pesky allergens out of your home is no small feat, but it is certainly doable. Protecting your home’s indoor air supply from pollen threats is vital if you wish to prevent this season from negatively impacting your family’s health. Your property’s HVAC system is one element that can help you combat seasonal allergies. This is especially good news if you have anyone in your home who struggles with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

Air Filter Quality

Making the switch to HEPA filters is a wise choice for Downers Grove residents attempting to combat seasonal allergens. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and these filters are an outstanding solution when it comes to decreasing indoor allergens. They have a fine mesh that can capture a wide variety of hazardous allergens.

A more standard, non-HEPA air filter, on the other hand, typically catches only the largest particles. This means that pollen and smaller allergens can pass through freely because the mesh is so broad.

Speaking of air filter quality, make sure to replace your HVAC system’s air filter every couple of months. This helps to not only optimize your property’s indoor air quality but also enhance the unit’s performance.

Use a UV Light

In the warmer months, the indoor coil of your building’s air conditioner remains wet constantly. Microbial growth is common in such moist environments. If microbes are present in your HVAC system’s indoor coil, then your AC’s fan will end up blowing unwanted bacteria into the rooms you and your family live in.

To kill any microbes completely, you can take advantage of a UV light’s power. You can find UV lights designed specifically for HVAC usage. Installing these lamps inside your AC system projects ultraviolet light onto the indoor coil. This is remarkably effective at killing any microbes in the area. If you take this step, you will no longer have to worry about them contaminating your house’s indoor air supply.

Consistent AC Use

Did you know that stagnant air can be just as bad as stagnant water when it comes to bacteria growth and health risks? For your indoor supply to remain fresh, the proper amount of air circulation must be present. Otherwise, pollutants will begin building up until their levels become a serious risk.

Consistently using your building’s HVAC unit can help with this issue. If you use the home’s air conditioning periodically, then your living area’s ventilation will improve. This, in turn, has a positive impact on air circulation. Even running your house’s AC system for 30 minutes a day can improve air quality by replacing the rooms’ stale air with fresh air from the outdoors.

Consider Removing Carpet and Curtains

It is no secret that dust often builds up on draperies. For those of you who cannot do away with your living area’s curtains, make sure to use the type that is machine washable. If removing the curtains entirely is something you are interested in, then shutters are a fantastic option. It is much easier to dust them than it is to wash dust and bacteria from fabric.

Similarly, a home’s carpets can also pose risks for local allergy sufferers. Opting for tile or hardwood flooring instead will provide you with a surface that is much simpler to sanitize.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Allergens in your home are a complex topic. In terms of improving air quality, however, ensuring that your HVAC unit is not only sanitary but also functioning as intended is crucial. A maintenance check and cleaning can work wonders when it comes to keeping out seasonal allergies and making your house’s living environment as healthy as possible.

Whether it’s mold, mildew, dust, or pollen that is causing your allergies to worsen, overlooking the importance of a well-maintained and clean HVAC system is something you cannot afford to do.

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