Like it or not, cool weather is on its way. You’ll soon be running your furnace on a regular basis. Before that time comes, it’s a good idea to prepare your heating system. When autumn’s chill hits, you’ll be glad that your furnace is ready to go.

Install a New Filter

Your furnace filter has the unpleasant job of trapping the dust and other particles that make their way into your system. A clogged, dirty filter reduces the efficiency of your furnace. Unfortunately, all of last season’s contaminants may still be hanging out on your filter. Getting your heating system off to a great start requires removing the old filter and replacing it with a fresh one.

Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

During furnace season, it’s especially important to be vigilant about carbon monoxide. Furnaces in need of repair can emit this deadly gas. Keeping your furnace in top shape can help safeguard your family, and carbon monoxide detectors offer an additional level of protection.

Check your detectors before the cooling season begins. Press the test button to ensure that each one is working properly. For battery-powered units, begin the season with fresh batteries. Carbon monoxide detectors last only five to seven years, so you may need to replace a few of your units.

Schedule a Maintenance Call

The best thing that you can do to prepare for cool weather is to schedule an annual furnace tune-up from a professional heating company in Downers Grove. During a maintenance call, the technician will ensure that your system is in good working order. The visit will involve cleaning the furnace components and checking the thermostat settings. Scheduling this type of care from Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. will help your furnace run at peak efficiency. It may also help extend the life of your heating system.

For your home or commercial heating and cooling needs in Downers Grove, Fire 'n' Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. is the company to call. We offer furnace and air conditioner installation, repair and maintenance service. Schedule your appointment today.

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