Furnaces are among the most remarkable inventions of all time. Before we dive a little more into the details of this awesome human discovery that has solved the ancient agony of unbearable weather conditions, it’s important to work with a qualified furnace expert for all your installation and repair works.

With a seasoned, qualified professional watching your back, you are at liberty to enjoy a far-reaching comfort of mind on matters of heating, cooling, repairs, and maintenance services in your home. Fire ‘n’ Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. does top-notch installations and ensures that your heating system or AC unit functions optimally & reliably.

Origin and Usage of Furnaces

The name furnace is from Latin Fornax, meaning oven; a device that achieves high-temperature heating by fuel combustion, electricity, or induction heating. A furnace can either be used in a home heating system or for industrial purposes. Alice Parker is the brain behind the first home central heating system which allowed temperature regulation functionality and more efficient heating. By 1935, a forced-air wall furnace was consequently developed.

What are the Components of a Home Furnace?

A home furnace is made up of several components that work together to achieve the heating effect. The Burners are the tubes where gas combustion occurs and are fitted with ‘intelligent’ control sensors to turn off gas when no flame is detected. The Heat Exchanger is the next vital component and consists of coils that heat up the air before the blower motor blows the air into the ductwork. The Ductwork comprises of an extensive tube network through which heat moves to every part of your home using air as a medium. This provides an efficient and cost-effective way to heat up your home.

Temperature Regulation

The blower propels air from the return ducts right into the heat exchanger before forwarding the now heated air into the ductwork. Heat distribution is also aided by fans already pre-set at the time of installation. The Flue is the exhaust track whose function is to get rid of the toxic combustion byproducts. In terms of temperature regulation, the thermostat helps control temperature by varying size of flames. The Heat Pump, on the other hand, ensures the efficiency of home heating systems by recycling heat to cut costs while the Air Filter traps pollutants to improve air quality and protects the motor from damage.

Heating in Downers Grove

Fire ‘n’ Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc. comes in handy for Illinois residents when it comes to achieving desirable indoor temperatures, especially if you live in Downers Grove. In addition, we sell new and durable furnaces which come complete with 10 years parts warranty plus free in-home consultations. For professional assistance on issues related to furnaces contact us today!

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